Recap Your Best and Worst League of Legends Moments with a Year in Review

League of Legends Jinx Vi
(Photo: Riot Games)

As December moves towards a close and we move into the new year, now’s the perfect time to take a look back at all of your most defining and disappointing League of Legends moments during 2017.

The “Year in Review” feature is back once again for League players to use as they recap all stats, timelines, and notable releases during the year. To start, all you have to do is navigate to the Year in Review page that’s now live on the League of Legends site and type in a player’s in-game name. While you can take a look at your own stats that you’ve built up throughout the year, you can also take a look at your friends’ stats as well. You can search for any player’s name instead of just looking at y our own stats, so if you want to either praise your teammates or hold an embarrassing loss rate against Teemo over their heads, feel free to look them up and gather some proof.

But before you search for different players, take note of the general stats that are listed below the player search bar. The figures there encompass interesting League stats that each player contributed to such as the 217.8 million Ardent Censers that were purchased during the year, a figure that should be no surprise given its dominance towards the end of the year. Dark Star hooks thrown out, how many mushrooms Teemo lobbed, and other stats can be found on the main page, but the truly interesting details are revealed after you look up a player.

A timeline shows that start of your ranked journey, win streaks, and which champions you received Mastery 7 with throughout the year along with the release dates of game modes, skin sets, and new champions. Beneath that, you can compare your stats to your friends and enemies throughout different game modes along with other stats like how honorable you were – or weren’t. You can also see the champions that you played the most during the year as well as the ones that you won and lost against the most.

Check out your stats through the Year in Review page and get your premades to do the same as you reflect on the year together.