Leaks Claim 2K Games is Working on Next FIFA Game

2K Games is supposedly making FIFA 2K25 for later this year.

Last year, it was announced that Electronic Arts and FIFA would be parting ways after EA decided it didn't want to meet the soccer governing body's monetary demands for the license. Instead, Electronic Arts decided to switch gears and release EA Sports FC 24 last year, the first in a new series that looks very similar to its old FIFA games. However, FIFA quickly let players know that it was exploring new opportunities for its future. After all, FIFA owns the rights to incredibly popular events like the World Cup. It was only a matter of time before FIFA got back into the video game space in a notable way, and a recent rumor claims the governing body might be partnering up with one of Electronic Arts' biggest competitors.

FIFA 2K25 Rumors

This rumor comes from Moh Play on Twitter. As with any leak, take this with a major grain of salt. They claim that FIFA and 2K have started up a new partnership and fans won't have to wait very long to see what's coming from the two. Supposedly, FIFA 2K25 will launch later this year, or as Moh Play says, "just in time for FIFA World Cup 2K26." 

That wording is a little strange because the 2026 World Cup won't start until the summer of 2026, which would mean 2K is bringing out its first FIFA game more than a year before the World Cup kicks off. That said, 2K would be smart to get a game out soon and start to work out the kinks before the next World Cup if it wants to maximize sales around the event. Either way, Moh Play doesn't have any more details about FIFA 2K25, so it's hard to say exactly what we should expect from this game.

2K Games and Visual Concepts have a solid pedigree for sports titles. The company currently makes the NBA 2K and WWE 2K series, but also previously worked on NFL 2K, NHL 2K, and Major League Baseball 2K, among several other sports franchises. However, the team has never made a soccer game, so it might be smarter to expect they're making a more arcade title than a new soccer simulation game like FIFA.

Either way, it's looking like it won't be much longer before EA Sports FC has some real competition. Of course, eFootball continues to churn out new content, but it hasn't had a very good track record for several years. Hopefully, FIFA 2K25 will bring the heat and give EA FC a run for its money if it does launch later this year.