Left 4 Dead 2: The Last Stand Update Teaser Trailer Reveals New Details

Left 4 Dead 2 is getting a big community-made update soon with the release of The Last Stand, and [...]

Left 4 Dead 2 is getting a big community-made update soon with the release of The Last Stand, and thanks to a teaser trailer released this week alongside some more information from the creators, we now know more about what we'll see in update when it's out. Teaser No. 2 for The Last Stand confirmed that we'd see the original survivors from Left 4 Dead returning to the franchise, but this time, they're embarking on a new branch of the campaign previously untraveled. The update will see the survivors deviate from what we know took place in Left 4 Dead's "The Last Stand" survival map, according to the creators.

The video below mirrored the tone of the first teaser we saw previously, but unlike the initial announcement of the update, this one actually has some signs of life in it. The iconic Bill from Left 4 Dead is the sole character who makes an appearance as he's surrounded by slain zombies in the same wooded area featured in The Last Stand map and in the first teaser trailer.

When the first teaser trailer dropped, the team working on the update promised we'd learn more about The Last Stand soon. JAiZ, one of the creators of the trailer, delivered on that promise by sharing some new details alongside the teaser trailer.

"One part of this update includes a brand new campaign based on the original 'The Last Stand' survival map from Left 4 Dead, designed by NF, Roku, and Wolphin from our mapping team - you may even recognize them as authors of popular workshop campaigns, such as Hard Rain: Downpour and Dark Carnival: Remix," JAiZ said. "The Last Stand campaign will feature the Left 4 Dead 1 survivors taking an alternate path, branching off from one of the original campaigns, as they venture into the unknown area ahead in hopes of finding salvation from the bloodthirsty hordes pursuing them."

Even with these new details, it seems we still don't know everything about this update yet. The creators teased that the campaign isn't the only part of the update to look forward to and that "many other talented individuals" comprising the update's team have been working on more than just what we've seen a preview of here. More on that will be shared eventually with a big reveal of the full plans for the update coming soon.