Left 4 Dead 3 Hope Is Not Dead, According to Recent Job Listing

Just yesterday we talked about the future of Turtle Rock Studios and what could be next for the studio now that Evolve has officially been declared dead. The company is hiring for numerous positions at this time, confirmed for a "globally known game franchise" currently in the works. Though we touched on our own theories, many can't help but to feel that Left 4 Dead 3 hope flare up.

“Looking to work on a globally known game franchise," reads the job description for a Senior Leve Designer. "Join our exceptional development team as a Senior Level Designer on an unannounced AAA title. Do you love creating awesome level layouts and designing fun encounters? Do you enjoy watching people play through your levels and collaborating to make them even better? The job will require working closely with artists, engineers, and other designers to create awesome content.”

Valve, the publisher behind the franchise, mentioned earlier this year that they were diving right into the world of game creation once more. That declaritive statement immediately flared up fan hope once more for franchises like Portal, Half-Life, and yes - Left 4 Dead.

Now for those that may be confused, Valve South was the developing team behind the Left 4 Dead series. Turtle Rock was formally known as Valve South, which is where the dream resurrection talk began once more.

There have been quite a few titles in the media circuit recently that have been compared to the Left 4 Dead franchise including Overkill's The Walking Dead and Warhammer: Vermintide II. Now would be the perfect time to bring this stagnant franchise back to life because it remains to be a highly talked about series - one in which continues to be a means of comparison for newer titles.

Some of the other responsibilities included in the aforementioned job description:

  • Work with the Lead Designer and design team to create compelling levels for the game
  • Work with artists to ensure the art works within the design of the game
  • Work with engineers to achieve performance targets and iterate on key features
  • Create competitive and balanced map layouts
  • Collaboration with other Level Designers to establish and maintain consistent standards
  • Playtest with both the studio and the design team to review and develop maps

We'll have to wait and see, but the possibilities are endless. It could be a resurrection, or could be a brand new title. We'll have to wait and see what Turtle Rock has up their sleeves!

As far as all the positions that Turtle Rock is hiring for, the full list can be found here.They include animator, senior tools programmer, character concept artist, senior producer and many, many more. If you're looking at getting into the gaming industry, now's a good time to try out!