Limited Run Games Delays E3 Digital Presentation

While E3 may have been cancelled this year, Limited Run Games is one of several publishers still [...]

While E3 may have been cancelled this year, Limited Run Games is one of several publishers still planning to hold a digital conference. The company's "LRG3" digital event was scheduled for June 8th, but it has announced a delay, and a new date has not been provided. The announcement was made via Tweet, and no rationale was provided for the delay. A number of digital events have been pushed back in observance of the worldwide protests against police brutality following the death of George Floyd. IGN's Summer of Gaming event was scheduled to begin this week, but was delayed until June 8th, in recognition of the protests. It's possible that LRG did not want to hold its event at the same time.

While the shift to a digital format might be a bit unusual for some publishers, Limited Run Games has always held its E3 events digitally. Last year, the publisher revealed a number of major titles during the presentation, including a plethora of releases of older Star Wars games. Limited Run Games currently has a number of games available for pre-order, but very few have been announced for the weeks ahead. As such, the company should have some interesting things to reveal when the show inevitably does happen!

For the uninitiated, Limited Run Games offers physical releases for games that have been previously released as digital only. The company deeply believes in the importance of video game preservation, and making sure games remain playable long after the titles have been removed from digital stores. While the publisher offers standard physical releases, it also sells a number of large collector's editions for most of its offerings, as well.

Given the video game industry's poor track record when it comes to preservation, many gamers appreciate the efforts of Limited Run Games. For fans that prefer having their titles in a physical format, it's always exciting to see what the publisher has in store next. Hopefully gamers won't have to wait much longer to find out what's in the works.

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