Logan Paul Now Under Fire For Throwing Poke Ball At Japanese Policeman

YouTuber Logan Paul is now drawing criticism for other insensitive acts in Japan that include tossing a Poke Ball at pedestrians and policemen.

The video of Paul and his YouTube friends coming across an apparent suicide while in Japan's Aokigahara forest first ignited the Internet when it was uploaded earlier in the week. Since then, his other videos cataloging his trip to Japan have come under fire as viewers noticed more instances of his offensive behavior towards the Japanese culture.

Paul used everyone from bicyclists to policemen in his Pokemon-catching antics, and while the Japanese residents took it different ways ranging from confusion to laughing it off, those who watched the videos weren't quite as receptive of the behavior. In a tweet from the Twitter account We The Unicorns that takes a look at YouTubers and their content, a shorter video than the one above condensed most of the content. It also included scenes from a second video where Paul tossed fish onto windows and cars. The video does move around some parts of the video's timeline such as the transaction where Paul bought the Game Boy, but it gives you the gist of the main 10-minute video if you don't want to watch the full video.

In the main video titled "REAL LIFE POKEMON GO IN TOKYO! (catching strangers)," Paul finds himself in the "epicenter of Pokemon" while in Japan as he buys a Game Boy, but not without referring to it as "mucho brokeno" while speaking to the Japanese salesman. After smashing it on the busy streets of Japan, Paul instead decides to fulfill his Pokemon needs by pelting strangers with a plush Poke Ball.


Comments on the Twitter video suggested that Paul be banned from going back to Japan while others expressed their overall disappointment with the video, but some still stuck up for Paul and his behavior.