Madden NFL 20 Trailer Teases Big Super Bowl Prediction

EA Sports is gearing up for another Super Bowl prediction ahead of the big game this weekend to try and determine whether it'll be the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs who win on Sunday. The studio has once again turned to its Madden NFL series to help determine who will won, and this time, it's enlisting the help of players with a clever trailer featuring Peyton and Eli Manning. The Manning brothers ask players to help "feed the machine" and collect enough data to make an accurate prediction that'll be announced on Thursday.

The trailer below from EA Sports shows a lab coat-wearing Peyton Manning as he walks us through the Super Bowl Prediction Lab. We see everything from the turf to the players themselves being evaluated in an attempt to figure out who will win, but the most important data, according to the former pro, is the information attained from players replicating the Super Bowl match.

"We have over 100 million games already," Peyton said. "But the more games we input, the tighter the prediction. Looks like we still need some more game data before we get the prediction by pressing the button."

We then get to see Eli Manning who swats his brother's hand away and starts a playful exchange that takes up around half of the trailer, but it's worth it to see the two go back and forth.

Are players' 49ers vs. Chiefs matches in Madden NFL 20 really feeding a machine like Peyton said to help EA Sports make a prediction about who will win? Most likely that's not the case and the prediction has already been decided based on performance during the season and other variables, but it's a fun idea to build up to the announcement of the big prediction. Perhaps EA Sports will use player-driven data in some way though to show how many times one team or the other won the matchup.


If you do want to have your say on who you think will win, you can head over to the EA site that's been set up for the Super Bowl prediction. You can predict the final score of the game and then take that one step farther by choosing who you think will be the MVP. Other players' predictions will be shown on the same site, so you can see what other people think the outcome of the game will be.

EA Sports' Super Bowl prediction will be shared on Thursday.