Mana Artist Makes His Console Return, Teases 2018 Reveal


One of the key artists behind the Mana series, Shinichi Kameoka, is making his console return for a new game in the works. With his distinct JRPG flare, it will be nice to see him return to the world of the console platform, especially since his primary focus recently has been centered around mobile games; like his Egglia: the Legend of the Redcap that launched earlier this year.

Kameoka-san recently sat down in an interview with Japanese magazine 4Gamer to talk about he is excited for his return to an "old-style" console game that has yet to be revealed at this time. With the information under a tight lid, he did mention that a reveal will be coming towards the later end of 2018 - so for now, we're stuck with wild speculation. To tease that excitement even more, he told fans they had every right to be sitting on the edge of their seats because the big reveal will be entirely unexpected.

That doesn't mean he's abandoning his mobile work, either. Kameoka-san promises that work is still being done on Egglia: the Legend of the Redcap and that regular updates and events are still on the horizon from his studio 'Brownies'. To tide you over, here's more about the game that is available now:

"A young girl born to save the world and a Redcap once destined for violence. A story hatched from within precious eggs; a tale of meeting and parting ways...

A fantasy adventure with a thrilling story and beautiful graphics, EGGLIA is an RPG you will want to return to again and again. Join colorful characters of varying races including Brownies, Dwarves, Gremlins and Aloes as they work together to revive the lands of EGGLIA, sealed away within mysterious eggs.


EGGLIA is populated by a wonderful cast of strange and endearing characters. Some will appear simply when you revive their land from an egg, while some mysterious races can only be unlocked by clearing certain conditions. Help them to fulfill their wishes and grow your village together!"

- Unlock gorgeous playfields sealed within mysterious eggs, and explore them with a unique dice-based control system
- Strategy element allows you to stand and fight or turn tail and run!
- Borrow the skills of adorable spirits and feed them delicious food to evolve their powers
- Freely explore a nostalgic and detailed RPG world