Mansions of Madness Has No More Expansions Planned

Fantasy Flight Games has no plans for additional Mansions of Madness releases. During an interview with Dicebreaker last week, Fantasy Flight Games' product strategy director Jim Cartwright confirmed that there were no plans to release new content for the popular app-driven horror game. "Mansions of Madness: Second Edition continues to be a great success for us," Cartwright said. "While the game continues to perform well as it finds new audiences, there are no current plans for any additional content for second edition."

Cartwright declined to provide any additional updates about the game's future, stating that "the game line continues to be very important for us as a studio, but we aren't prepared to talk about the series' future at this time." Fantasy Flight Games is planning a new Arkham Horror release titled Unfathomable, which is a social deduction semi-cooperative game that uses many of the same mechanics as the studio's old Battlestar Galactica game

Mansions of Madness is part of Fantasy Flight Games' Arkham Horror line, which uses the monsters and stories from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. The current Second Edition of the game uses an app to manage the game, controlling the monster and indicating when the players have successfully made progress towards their goals. Like many other Fantasy Flight Games, Mansions of Madness was designed around multiple expansions, the most recent of which was released back in 2019.


The seeming end of new content for Mansions of Madness continues a trend for Fantasy Flight Games, which is best known for the release of high-profiles games based on various franchises and a smattering of original properties, such as the dungeon-delver game Descent. In a separate article, Cartwright confirmed to Dicebreaker that Fantasy Flight Games would be more "thoughtful" with their future releases. "We absolutely want to be more thoughtful with our releases," Cartwright said. "The marketplace is constantly evolving; there are more games being released every month than ever before. This is amazing for our industry, for the fans, and for the community as a whole."