Marvel's Avengers Adds Spicy New Summer Skins

Marvel's Avengers is adding some spicy new skins to coincide with the summer months. In a general sense, Marvel's Avengers continues to get new character outfits on a routine basis. More often than not, though, these cosmetics tend to be callbacks to other appearances from the Avengers in the MCU or the original comics. This time around, though, developer Crystal Dynamics has come up with some wholly unique skins that see Black Widow, Thor, and Iron Man donning beach attire. 

Starting this week, Marvel's Avengers will begin a rollout of three new outfits that are part of the "Sunny Days" lineup. Essentially, these skins see all of the aforementioned characters wearing clothing that is associated with the summer. Black Widow finds herself wearing a two-piece swimsuit, while Thor is then wearing a tight swimsuit of his own to go along with some electric sunglasses. Iron Man then doesn't find himself going shirtless, but instead is wearing a matching shirt and short combo in tandem with some sunglasses of his own. 

You can get a look at all three outfits in question from Marvel's Avengers in the tweet below. 

It's worth stressing that even though Crystal Dynamics has now revealed all of these new skins for Marvel's Avengers, they all won't be coming to the game right away. Instead, Black Widow's outfit will be the first added to the Marketplace later this week. Thor and Iron Man's skins then don't have release dates just yet, but Crystal Dynamics says that they'll arrive "in the coming weeks." Whenever we hear more about these outfit arrivals, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop. 

For now, Marvel's Avengers is playable across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. And if you happen to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium, you can even download the game for yourself and play it right now without having to purchase it outright. 

How do you feel about these new summer skins coming to Marvel's Avengers? Will you look to pick any of the three up for yourself? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.