Marvel Champions Announces Sinister Motives Expansion, Vision Hero Pack

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the next major expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. During Fantasy Flight Games' annual In-Flight Report, FFG Head of Studio Chris Gerber announced that the game studio would release "Sinister Motives," a new campaign expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. This new expansion will not only add members of the Sinister Six like Electro and Kraven the Hunter to the game, it would also bring in Miles Morales and Ghost Spider as playable heroes. From the cover art showcased during the presentation, it appears that the main villain will be Venom. Other villains shown on the cover art include Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, and Sandman.

In Marvel Champions: The Card Game, 1 to 4 players team up to battle through a scenario focused on a single villain. These encounters include standalone scenarios as well as scenarios that make up a part of a running campaign. Players can either use a pre-constructed deck or build their own by choosing one hero and cards from one "aspect" and various basic cards.

Sinister Expansions is the fourth full expansion to come out, following the Rise of the Red Skull expansion (which focused on Hawkeye and Black Widow battling Hydra), Galaxy's Most Wanted (which focused on Rocket and Groot facing off against a variety of cosmic-themed villains including Ronan and the Collector), and the most recent expansion Mad Titan's Shadow, which features Thanos and the Black Order. 

Additionally, Fantasy Flight Games also announced that Vision will be added to the game as a playable hero through a Hero Pack, a complete deck of cards that can be instantly used in any scenario right out of the pack. Gerber noted that Vision's abilities would focus on his ability to manipulate his mass at will. The Vision Hero Pack will be released after the previously announced War Machine and Valkyrie Hero Packs, but before the aforementioned Sinister Motives expansion.


Expect to get a deeper breakdown on both Sinister Motives and the Vision Hero Pack in the coming months. Marvel Champions: The Card Game content is available now at hobby stores.