Marvel Champions Announces Next Playable X-Men

Marvel Champions: The Card Game will add Storm as its sixth playable X-Men hero. Announced earlier today, Storm rounds out the initial group of X-Men releases, following Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Wolverine as standalone Hero Decks. Shadowcat and Colossus are also available as playable characters by purchasing the Mutant Genesis boxed set. Storm will come in a Hero Pack that includes a pre-constructed deck along with a brand new modular set to use when building scenarios for Marvel Champions. Storm's Hero Pack includes a Shadow King modular encounter that is built around Shadow King possessing Ally cards and turning them against players. 

Storm's unique ability is built around her ability to manipulate the weather. Storm has a special Weather deck with different weather effects. Most notably, Storm's weather buffs and debuffs all characters in play, regardless as to whether they're an ally or a foe. Storm can use this effect to selectively blunt the damage taken on attacks or boost her ally's attack strength. Each Weather card also has a "Special" effect that Storm's other cards can resolve. Storm's pre-built deck is built around Leadership, which means she can bring in multiple allies onto the field, buff them up with her Weather abilities and then unleash them on her foes. 

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a living card game in which players use a deck based around a specific hero and work with other heroes to defeat supervillains and thwart their schemes. Each scenario has different rules and circumstances, and players can choose to either use a pre-built Hero Deck or make a custom deck that uses a specific hero's cards along with cards from one of four distinct aspects.

Storm's Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game will be released this fall. 

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