Marvel Snap Adds Black Panther as Warriors of Wakanda Season Kicks Off

Marvel Snap's new season has begun, with Black Panther joining the game just in time for the launch of the new Black Panther movie. Marvel Snap has launched its new Warriors of Wakanda season, which brings with it a brand new card – Black Panther – along with several Wakandan variant cards and other perks. Four new locations are also being added to the game – Shuri's Lab, Warrior Falls, Vibranium Mines, and Wakandan Throne Room. Ranks have also reset – players will automatically drop three ranks based on the previous season's rankings.

Black Panther is a new 5 Energy Card that comes with 4 Power. However, it's On Reveal ability makes it extraordinarily strong – it's Power automatically doubles on reveal, which means that it will enter play with 8 Power or more during most matches. Several cards have the potential to make it even stronger. Okoye, for instance, can increase Black Panther's power when it's still in a player's deck, while Nakia can boost its power even more if Black Panther has been in a player's hand for most of the match. Of course, Odin can also give Black Panther a post-play boost, causing its power to double again if in the same location. Playing in a game with Wakandan Throne Room could also give Black Panther a boost – the location gives +2 power to any cards in a player's hand at the time of the location's reveal. 

Players can purchase the season pass for Warriors of Wakanda now for $9.99, which will give them almost immediate access to Black Panther, plus three variant cards if they can reach Level 50. If they play without the Season Pass, they'll still get 2,200 credits and two mystery variants for reach certain milestones.  

Players can check out everything the new season of Marvel Snap has to offer – the game is available now on mobile devices.