Marvel Super War MOBA Game Revealed

Marvel is entering the mobile MOBA market with Marvel Super War, the first MOBA from the company to be available on a mobile platform. The game was unveiled on Tuesday along with the announcement that a closed beta version of the game is already available for testing, though it hasn't been released worldwide yet. Featuring some of the best known Marvel characters like Captain America, Thanos, Iron Man, and Deadpool, the new mobile game is being created by Marvel Entertainment and NetEase Games. Marvel also shared a reveal trailer and discussed gameplay details as well as how the game is different from other mobile MOBAs.

Marvel Super War is a free-to-play game and is currently in the beta testing stage for iOS and Android devices, but only those in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and India can participate, for now. You'll pick a character from Marvel's universe and work with a team of four more heroes or villains to go up against another team on a map that's set in Wakanda. Featuring the typical gameplay that's found in multiplayer online battle arenas, teams will push against their opponents for control of several lanes while destroying turrets until you're eventually knocking at the door of their base. It's the first product of the partnership between Marvel and NetEase.

While strong characters and combinations will eventually become the meta as is the case in any MOBA, Marvel says Marvel Super War is different from other games by boasting "fair combat and balanced gameplay."

"Unlike traditional MOBAs on mobile, Marvel Super War is focused on fair combat and balanced gameplay," Marvel's preview of the game said. "The MOBA staple unfair rune-like system has been given an overhaul and replaced with a completely open and free buff system, meaning that reputation and achievements can only be earned through skill and perseverance."

Along with the trailer's gameplay which shows some of the heroes using their moves, Marvel singled out two characters to discuss their gameplay. Deadpool will be able to switch from melee to ranged states, Marvel said, and Black Panther will be all about dashing and slashing. Character combination suggestions like Vision and Scarlet Witch, Iron Man and Black Panther, and Cyclops and Magneto were also given to reveal a few more of the characters you'll be able to play as.


Marvel Super War does not yet have a release date, though it's likely that the game's beta will be expanded to other regions before its release.