Marvel's Avengers Adds a Long-Awaited MCU Suit

Marvel’s Avengers just recently got its War for Wakanda expansion that added Black Panther to [...]

Marvel's Avengers just recently got its War for Wakanda expansion that added Black Panther to the game, and with that came a number of different outfits for the hero. These outfits showed different versions of Black Panther inspired by comics and other stories, but one outfit that was absent from the initial lineup was the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the character which is likely the one most people are familiar with by now. People were looking forward to getting that outfit eventually since other Marvel heroes have similarly gotten their movie-styled outfits in the past, and as of this week, the request has been granted with the "Marvel Studios' Black Panther" skin now in the game.

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix alerted players to the arrival of the skin on August 31st just a few weeks after the War for Wakanda expansion itself dropped. A preview of the suit was shared on Twitter to show that it does, in fact, look like the version of Black Panther that we know from the MCU films. Like the other skins that have been added to the game over time, you can now pick it up from the in-game store.

Things like new Captain America suits which similarly took inspiration from the MCU movies have also been added in the past. Many of these have been received well, though some people have had some grievances with a few of them.

The main outfit that Black Panther wears in the expansion itself is different from ones we've seen in the past as well. It's still instantly recognizable as Black Panther, but Crystal Dynamics put its own spin on the creation while keeping the core aspects of the character intact.

"When creating this outfit, we combined the classic Black Panther visuals and silhouette with the more modern and functional aspects of his look that many fans have grown accustomed to over the decades," a post from the developers regarding the new, original suit said. "His suit has a layering of armor on it, his helmet has structure to it rather than something that is more pliable, and his arms have long lines on them that harken back to his old striped gloves. We also included some fine detail into the outfit to make it more advanced and cutting edge by interlacing Vibranium throughout to reflect his ability to absorb energy."

Marvel's Avengers' new Black Panther suit is now available in the game's marketplace.e