Marvel's Avengers Studio Head Comments on Captain Marvel Tease

Captain Marvel is definitely in Marvel’s Avengers one way or another based on what’s been seen [...]

Captain Marvel is definitely in Marvel's Avengers one way or another based on what's been seen in previous teasers, but we don't know much about the game's version of the character nor do we know whether she'll be playable or not. One of the best indications of her involvement and possibly a first look at what she'll look like in the game came a few weeks ago when we saw Kamala Khan's room. When asked about that tease, Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos said that's actually a location players will encounter within the game, not just a piece of artwork, and that Captain Marvel is certainly part of the game's world. spoke to Amos and other Marvel's Avengers developers following the game's first War Table stream that took place this week. We asked about the image seen further down that showed some pretty comic-accurate versions of Captain Marvel. The one over Kamala Khan's bed looked particularly detailed like it'd be a version of the character that we'd see in the game.

Amos didn't specify if that poster was representative of the Captain Marvel we'll see in the game, but he said we'll be able to see the poster and Kamala's room for ourselves.

"Well, that is actually a shot from inside the game, just to be clear. So there's actually ... You can discover this particular location along the campaign path, which I will, I will leave it there for the moment."

This isn't the first teaser for Captain Marvel we've seen. During a demo released at San Diego Comic-Con, we caught a first glimpse of Kamala Khan wearing a Captain Marvel shirt. Amos referenced this initial tease and said we'll absolutely be finding some story threads in Marvel's Avengers related to Captain Marvel, though we still don't know what those story threads will amount to in terms of her in-game role.

"But even from the very first time we showed Kamala, she's actually wearing a Captain Marvel t-shirt," Amos continued. "So, I will say even ... I think we actually had Captain ... At the time when she was at A-Day, she actually has one of the heroes telling her like, 'Oh, well, she's off planet right now.' So there absolutely are some story threads that we dropped in there that she is in some way part of our world."

A future Marvel's Avengers War Table stream in the coming months will discuss the game's first post-launch hero. The game is scheduled to release on September 4th.