Marvel's Avengers Confirms Ms. Marvel, Teases Captain Marvel

Marvel Games unveiled some new footage of its upcoming game Marvel’s Avengers during a Hall H [...]

Marvel Games unveiled some new footage of its upcoming game Marvel's Avengers during a Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, and while the public wasn't able to see what was shown, some new characters and reveals have been confirmed by the event. Each of the Avengers who were already known to be playable were featured, but there was also a confirmation of at least two more characters existing in the universe. Kamala Khan, better known as Ms. Marvel, was seen in some of the footage shown alongside a reference to Captain Marvel.

During the showing of an updated demo at SDCC, a Ms. Marvel sighting occurred when Kamala Khan was briefly seen on-screen. What's more, the character was wearing a Captain Marvel shirt, so even though we didn't get to see that character make an appearance, the hero's existence has at least been confirmed.

Speculation about the narrator in the trailer also points to that person being Ms. Marvel who's walking onlookers through the events of the demo, but that point has not been confirmed.

These two characters are just some of several heroes and villains which have been confirmed to be in the game, though how many of these Marvel icons will be playable remains to be seen. So far, we know that players will be able to control the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow throughout their stories and co-op missions. Others like Ant-Man and the villain Taskmaster have also been confirmed in the game, though it's unclear if we'll be able to play as Ant-Man and others like Ms. Marvel.

Hawkeye is one character who's been subject to quite a bit of speculation since he hasn't been seen in the game at all yet, but the director of Marvel's Avengers has assured Marvel fans that the team "didn't forget about Hawkeye." It still remains to be seen what role he will play in the game though.

Though this gameplay which was shown during the panel wasn't made public and won't be for some time,'s Matt Aguilar was able to attend the event and provide the information above as well as a play-by-play of the gameplay.

Marvel's Avengers will release on May 15, 2020, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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