Marvel's Avengers: Here's How to Beat the Two Most Annoying Enemies in the Game

Marvel's Avengers features a host of different enemies from A.I.M. Keepers, Drones, and Prime Adept Synthoid's to villains like Taskmaster and Abomination to the always deadly Watchdogs, just to name a few. That said, most of those enemies present a normal challenge to defeat, though two enemies are not content with being typically challenging, and are two of the most frustrating enemies to deal with in the game. In fact, one isn't really an enemy at all but an ability that will hound you forever, literally in some cases, while the other features an attack that does crazy damage and seems to be unavoidable at times. That's why we're here to give you some tips on how to deal with these enemies so they don't frustrate you as much as they did us.

The first is actually not an enemy, but an attack, and yes, we're talking about that hero tracking projectile blast that seems to follow you no matter how many times you dodge it and book it across the level. This attack is quite good at its job, but there are a few ways to deal with it. The first is the most immediate way, as you'll start to see crosshairs form around you when the enemy is about to launch it. The crosshairs go from yellow to red, and when it turns red is the moment to actually dodge it.

This will dodge it completely, but this window is rather short, so there's a good chance you might miss it. If you do, worry not, because there are a few more decided upon ways to get away from it. The first is to get near a wall or obstacle and dodge just at the right time, letting the projectile hit the wall instead. If that doesn't work, you can just shoot it with Widow's guns, and Full Auto mode is especially good at this.

If that doesn't work, you can also try the trick of evading in the direction of the missile itself as opposed to away from it, which some say works for them. Last but not least is just using Thor, as the Odinforce will knock it out of the sky pronto.

Now, the second most annoying enemy in the game (or most by some accounts) is the Stilleto Riotbot, who has two claw-like appendages. That would be bad enough, but this enemy also features a spin attack that can launch from quite a ways off, and it launches him with a lot of speed towards you and does big-time damage. Plus, it knocks you off your feet, leaving you prone to other attacks.

Now, unfortunately, there isn't a trick to this one, but more of a strategy. These things can launch their attack at a distance, but you can usually see them gear up for it, as they tend to take a leap backward, wind up, and then spin forward. If you spot them leaping back, try and get off the ground floor if possible, which is easy enough for most heroes aside from Hulk and Captain America, as they don't have grapples, stretchable arms, or the power of flight.

If you can't get airborne or there are no platforms to get up to, then you need to just book it as far away from them as you can and start pelting them with ranged attacks to wear down their health and shields. Keep moving and gunning until they are down, as you can worry about the other enemies later, but these guys can do serious damage quickly so it is best to get them off the board ASAP.

Also, can't confirm this, so will have to check, but you might be able to use Thor's hammer to pin them once you've unlocked that ability, and if you can then another upgrade allows you to activate a surge of Odinforce from the hammer while it has them pinned. Again, not sure if this attack will successfully pin this enemy type, but worth a shot, right?

You can find the official description for Marvel's Avengers below.

Marvel’s Avengers is a unique take on these iconic Super Heroes, including Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor. This character-driven story celebrates authentic Marvel heroism and humanity in a cinematic campaign filled with single-player and co-op missions.


Marvel's Avengers is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC now, and you can find out more about what's happening in the game right here!

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