Marvel's Avengers Team Addresses Mega Hive, Exotic Gear, and Loot Drop Questions

Marvel's Avengers continues to update the game with new content, challenges, and patches, and the latest hot topics surrounding the game are regarding the new Mega Hive and issues with loot and gear, specifically on rarities dropping when they're supposed to and where you have the best chances to snag higher-level items. The team has addressed both topics in some form or another, and we've collected all the information you should need to get a better handle on both right here. First up is the newest addition to the game, the Mega Hive, which is a single-player chain of eight missions that is for those who have amassed a power level of at least 140, so it's not for the faint of heart.

You'll have a new shot at completing the Mega Hive mission chain every week, of which there are eight in total, and since the mission is quite difficult, the rewards are supposed to be pretty impressive (though some are saying that isn't always the case), which include artifacts, gear, and even patterns and nameplates depending on how far you progress. If you die in this mission you'll have to choose a new hero to continue on as, and if all your heroes die you'll have to start the whole thing again, so no checkpoints here.

If you beat all eight missions you'll be rewarded with exclusive Mega Hive items, which will include a "significant amount of rare resources". So, if you're going to take this one, here are a few tips the team suggests.

You'll want several heroes built up to at least level a 140 Power Level, as you will have your companions with you along the way. Plus, if your main dies then you'll need to pick a new hero to proceed with, so you don't want to be relying on just one hero to make it all the way through.

You'll also want to focus on character builds that prioritize health and defense, so if you've got gear that caters to that you might wan to boost it and bring it along even if you have to do some leveling up elsewhere to make up for the lost power. They also suggest builds that rely on regen.

So, you're going through all this for sweet loot and resources, right? Will there's been some debate about loot and gear, specifically high level gear and where to find it. Crystal Dynamics broke down everything regarding loot and gear in a lengthy Reddit post, including where to look for Exotic drops and what missions deliver those guaranteed, and here's what they had to say.

"Exotic artifacts are guaranteed rewards when completing the Reassemble campaign, completing your first Iconic Mission Chain, and finishing the Reigning Supreme Mission Chain in Avengers Initiative. Exotic Gear and additional Exotic Artifacts have a low drop chance to drop in late-game activities the first time they are completed each week, although they are not guaranteed each playthrough. These activities include:

Elite Heroic Hives (Last Avenger Standing Mission Chain) Note: Elite Heroic Hives will soon be turning roster-based, which will make it a harder overall experience. In a future patch (post-1.3.0) we will make Exotic drops more common to reward players for the increased difficulty.

Mega Hive

AIM Secret Lab (Coming Soon)"

As for Legendary drops, here is where you can find those.

"You can get Legendary Gear drops the first time you play through the Elite Heroic Hive each week, and when they go live, the AIM Secret Lab and Mega Hive. Once you beat the AIM Secret Lab or Mega Hive each week, it will pull drops from a different loot table."

Last but not least is hero-specific Legendary Gear, and here is what they had to say.


"The first completion of late game activities each week – Elite Heroic Hives, AIM Secret Lab, and Mega Hive) will guarantee Legendary Gear as will completion of the daily Villain Sector missions acquired from Faction Coordinators."

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