Marvel's Avengers Reportedly Adding Fan-Favorite Anti-Hero

Marvel's Avengers is reportedly adding one of Marvel's most notorious anti-heroes/villains: Bucky Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier. Although some may debate whether Bucky is actually a bad person given he was brainwashed, the character has done some reprehensible things both in film and in the comics. It's something that weighs heavily on him when he's free of his corrupted mind, showing that he's probably not a bad guy, but he's typically framed as a villain when Captain America has to go toe to toe with him. He's also one of the most ruthless fighters in the Marvel universe, specializing in all forms of combat and assassinating important figures within the fictional world.

It seems that he may be showing up in Marvel's Avengers soon, at least that is according to @mmmmmmmmiller on Twitter who is a known insider and reputable source for the game. No other details were given on the character, but it's expected that Bucky Barnes will be the next hero added to the game, despite rumors suggesting She-Hulk would be next. She-Hulk has already been a poorly kept secret, as a guest host on a developer live stream mistakenly mentioned she'd be coming to the game in the near future. It was expected that she would be joining the game in August or September as the She-Hulk Disney+ series will air week to week in that time frame. As of right now, we have no idea when either character will be coming to the game. 

To be clear, neither Bucky Barnes or She-Hulk have actually been formally announced, but they do have some credible rumors backing them. Mighty Thor was added to Marvel's Avengers around the time of Thor: Love and Thunder, but there's no upcoming Bucky Barnes projects in the MCU, so there may not be any kind of tie-in. Either way, it remains to be seen what this will look like and if it will come with any kind of bearing on the Marvel's Avengers story or if it's just going to be part of a smaller-scale update.

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