Marvel's Avengers Studio Shares Update on Spider-Man DLC

Marvel’s Avengers is still adding Spider-Man at some point as a PlayStation exclusive, but that [...]

Marvel's Avengers is still adding Spider-Man at some point as a PlayStation exclusive, but that release won't be happening anytime soon. The Crystal Dynamics developers working on the game have confirmed that the web-slinging DLC character won't be released until after Black Panther is out. Seeing how the new roadmap for the game's content in 2021 has Black Panther releasing in the "Summer and Beyond" section, Spider-Man fans will be awaiting a while longer for the hero to make his debut.

Considering how the roadmap released this week during the Square Enix Present event made no mention of Spider-Man, Marvel's Avengers players may have already put two and two together to assume that Spider-Man wouldn't be releasing in the near future. In case there was any question of that, IGN received confirmation from Crystal Dynamics head of studio Scot Amos that Spider-Man still in development but is not planned to release before Black Panther. Black Panther and the "War for Wakanda" expansion is where the current roadmap ends in the aforementioned "Summer and Beyond" section, so don't plan on seeing Spider-Man in Marvel's Avengers until that content is out at the earliest.

There is some hope for Marvel's Avengers players looking forward to Spider-Man, however. It might take until the summer at least for Black Panther to be released, but that doesn't mean another hero – possibly Spider-Man – can't be released later in the year. A disclaimer at the bottom-left of the roadmap that says "This Roadmap may change and does not include all in-progress work" leaves room for things to change in the future, but that itself is a double-edged possibility since things might not change in the way players would hope for.

One thing has remained consistent with Spider-Man: His PlayStation exclusivity. Amos' comments to IGN that confirmed work was being done on the hero also saw Amos saying "we still fully expect Spider-Man to come to PlayStation." Unless something changes before his release, it looks like Spider-Man will still not be playable on platforms other than the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Marvel's Avengers' Black Panther chapter is coming sometime during Summer 2021 or afterwards while the Spider-Man DLC does not currently have a release window.