Marvel's Avengers Reveals Avengers: Infinity War Surprise for Spider-Man Players

Marvel's Avengers is getting more Avengers: Infinity War content, courtesy of a new Spider-Man suit. After distancing itself from the MCU before launch, during launch, and for a couple of months after, developer Crystal Dynamics has been flooding players with various MCU skins via the in-game marketplace, suggesting these suits are selling at a much higher rate than comics suits and original suits. And this isn't very surprising; popular and recognizable MCU suits were always going to sell well. What is surprising is how long it took Crystal Dynamics to figure this out. That said, it has figured this out, and it's been tapping into this vein of microtransaction gold ever since. 

To this end, the game's official Twitter account has relayed word that tomorrow, March 17, Spider-Man's outfit in Avengers: Infinity War Outfit is being added to the game. If the suit looks familiar, it's not only because it's in Avengers: Infinity War, but because it's also in Marvel's Spider-Man.

How much the outfit will cost when it releases tomorrow, we don't know because the post below doesn't say, but it will presumably cost the same as previous MCU skins. What we also know is the skin will be limited to PS4 and PS5 players given the character is limited to these versions. 

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