'Marvel's Spider-Man' Designer Reveals The Wizardry Behind The Game's Lighting

(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Sure, Marvel's Spider-Man gameplay and narrative are impressive, but the technical aspects of the game often get overlooked, despite being equally excellent, if not better. Well, at least by most people.

One player recently took to Twitter to praise the game's lighting and shadow work, and as an inspiring tech artist, also figure out how the heck Insomniac Games did what it did in the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Not long after the above tweet went live, a technical and graphics artist on the game chimed in with exactly how, revealing some interesting tidbits and dropping some valuable knowledge in the process.

Of course, much of this sounds like alien language -- at least to me -- but it's interesting insight into the development process, and shows just how complex and technical making games is.

Marvel's Spider-Man is available exclusively for PlayStation 4. And remember, the next time you're playing, be sure to slow down and appreciate the ggx lighting model.