Mass Effect Legendary Edition Multiplayer Should Reportedly Be Announced This Summer

A mere week ago, we heard from those at BioWare that the studio could look to bring the [...]

A mere week ago, we heard from those at BioWare that the studio could look to bring the multiplayer component from Mass Effect 3 to the newly released Legendary Edition at some point in the future if fans made it known that they wanted the feature. As of today, it now sounds as though the plans to make this actually come to fruition are already in the works with a formal announcement being planned for this summer.

According to insider Nick "Shpeshal_Ed" Baker, BioWare is likely going to reveal that the multiplayer from Mass Effect 3 will officially be heading to Mass Effect Legendary Edition in just a few short months at EA Play 2021, which is poised to happen in July. Although Baker didn't say that this is guaranteed to happen just yet, he did note that "there's a pretty good chance" it will come to fruition. As for when this mode might actually be added to the game, Baker had no other details to share.

Assuming that this does indeed transpire, it wouldn't be all that shocking. When it was originally said a week ago that BioWare might entertain bringing multiplayer to Legendary Edition, a vast number of fans immediately made it known that they would love to see this happen. Not to mention, the addition of a multiplayer component to Legendary Edition would allow Electronic Arts and BioWare to keep fans more engaged with Legendary Edition for the long haul. Considering how vital player engagement is to video game publishers nowadays, this whole situation is one that just makes sense for all parties.

Until we hear more, you can currently check out Mass Effect Legendary Edition on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned as we'll also be sharing our own review of the game later today here on

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