New Medal of Honor Game Announced

Today, a new Medal of Honor game was announced by EA and Respawn Entertainment, the latter of which is the developer behind games like Apex Legends, Titanfall, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. That said, the dormant military shooter series hasn't returned as a PS4 or Xbox One game, but as a Oculus Rift game on PC. That's right, after a long slumber, the EA shooter series has returned: as a VR game. The project is dubbed Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, which, according to EA, brings the historic battlefields of World War II back to the forefront for an "epic AAA experience like no other."

In the game, you will play as an Allied agent of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), who has the task of infiltrating, outgunning, and outsmarting the Nazi war machine. As your journey takes you across Europe, you will team up with French Resistance, and work to sabotage the Nazi effort from behind enemy lines.

The game comes packing both mutliplayer modes plus a full-fledged, narrative-heavy campaign. Further, there will be a unique story gallery that lets you sit down with WWII veterans and survivors to hear their stories of the most infamous war in human history.

“From the beginning, Medal of Honor has taught gamers about the tremendous sacrifice and heroic efforts made by earlier generations to safeguard our freedom,” said Peter Hirschmann, writer of the original Medal of Honor who’s returned as to help direct the new game. “Thanks to VR, we can actually put a player in the boots of a WWII soldier with Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond—the immersion that the Rift Platform provides lets us tell that story in a really meaningful way, sharing the full impact of the sacrifices and camaraderie of our shared history. Interviewing veterans of WWII was an immense privilege and allowed us to ensure its respect and faithfulness to those who served. They’re helping us drive home the full emotional and historical weight of this subject matter with players in a way that really resonates.”

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is set to release sometime in 2020 via the Oculus Rift, and the Oculus Rift only.