Mega Man 11 Set To Introduce A “Game Changing” Mechanic

(Photo: Game Informer)

Mega Man 11 was introduced earlier this week during a special birthday celebration for the Blue Bomber, and fans went absolutely nuts at the idea of enjoying one of his adventures again. But the forthcoming sequel could offer more for gameplay than most of them may realize.

According to Game Informer, which is set to cover the game extensively for the next month as part of exclusive coverage, fans will immediately become familiar with many of the gameplay elements in 11, including precision jumping, as well as being able to slide through small spaces, activate charged shots with their arm cannon, and more.

But there appears to be a new “game changing” mechanic that will be introduced to the game, and while the team didn’t let on just what it is yet, the screenshot above (from Game Informer) indicates a hint – we could very well be looking at the ability to modify certain elements of Mega Man’s combat system.

There could be a buff system earned over the course of the game which could power up the Blue Bomber in a number of ways, such as making his shots more powerful, boosting his ability with an earned boss mechanic (like the block cannon that was featured in the game’s trailer) or maybe even speeding him up in some way.


That’s just speculation, mind you, but it seems like Capcom has something cool in mind – something that could very well blow the minds of its fans. Game Informer noted, “Capcom hasn’t finalized the controls, but the team is toying with the idea of putting the slide move into a single button, which might be easier for new players.” In the past, you had to hold down on the D-pad and hit the A button to perform the move. New difficulty settings may also be introduced – just as Mega Man 10 had both a “normal” and “easy” setting.

It could all lead to something bigger, but whatever the case, Mega Man 11 will still play like a dream, with a combination of old and new-school stuff alike. We’ll have to wait a while to see how it all comes together, as Mega Man 11 won’t release until late 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, but we’re eager to see how it all comes together. C’mon, Capcom!