The Mega Sale on 'Dungeons & Dragons' Books Ends Tonight


There has never been a better time to get started with Dungeons & Dragons thanks to the massive deals Amazon has been throwing down on books for the holiday season. The deals are a bit down from their peak earlier this week, but only slightly in most cases. If you haven't taken the plunge yet, the discounts are still pretty epic thanks to the GIFTBOOK18 promotion and bonus coupons.

The GIFTBOOK18 code allows you to take $5 off the price of any physical book shipped and sold by Amazon that's priced at $20 or more (limited to one use per Amazon account). When you combine the code with Amazon's already hefty discount on DnD books (and the bonus coupons that are live on many of the books currently), you get prices that are in all-time low territory. However, the time that you have to take advantage of this coupon code is almost at an end - until 11:59 pm PST (2:59 pm EST) tonight, December 21st to be precise. Plus, the window for 2-day shipping before Christmas is almost closed (though some of these titles are on backorder). With that in mind, here is the current state of the deals on some of the biggest Dungeons & Dragons titles:

1. Player's Handbook: $17.74 with GIFTBOOK18

2. Dungeon Master's Guide: $14.66 with GIFTBOOK18 and $1.28 instant coupon

3. Monster Manual: $14.83 with GIFTBOOK18 and $1.30 instant coupon

4. Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: $11.97 (it is eligible for GIFTBOOK18 if the total book purchase is over $20)

5. Xanathar's Guide to Everything: $14.48 with GIFTBOOK18 and $1.27 instant coupon

6. Waterdeep Dragon Heist: $14.80 with GIFTBOOK18 and $1.29 instant coupon

7. Dungeon of the Mad Mage: $26.42 with GIFTBOOK18

8. Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica: $14.83 with GIFTBOOK18 and $1.30 instant coupon

9. Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes: $16.13 with GIFTBOOK18

10. Volo's Guide to Monsters: $14.66 with GIFTBOOK18 and $1.28 instant coupon

11. Art & Arcana Special Edition: $101.25 with GIFTBOOK18 (we've seen much better deals on this one in the past)

12. Art & Arcana Standard Edition: $25.87 with GIFTBOOK18

These discounts extend to pretty much every Dungeons & Dragons book, so if there's an adventure that's not listed above, you can find it right here. The bonus coupons are live on many of them at the time of writing, but there's no telling how long they will last.


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