'Metal Gear Solid' Recreated In 'LEGO Worlds' By Fan

YouTuber Craig Kelly has combined the best toy of yesteryear, LEGO, with one of the best games of yesteryear, Metal Gear Solid, in an awesome new video.

More specifically, Kelly -- via the power of LEGO Worlds and its extensive creation tools -- has faithfully recreated Shadow Moses Island from Metal Gear Solid.

According to Kelly, the creation took roughly 30 hours, and its shows as he walks the viewer through it and the different parts of the islands. The achievement is reminiscent of the type of projects we all at one point dreamed of with all of our Legos dumped in front of us.

Obviously, it's not a one-for-one recreation, but given the limitations of Lego Worlds, it's a pretty damn impressive effort. And if you're a Metal Gear fan, the video is an odd, but pleasant, memory trip.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the feat is that Kelly claims it was all done from memory. That's right. While most of us can't remember what we had for breakfast yesterday morning, there's people out there recreating Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Moses Island from memory in Lego Worlds. And that's why the Internet is awesome.

Interestingly, Kelly added the snowfield that appeared in Metal Gear Solid 4 into the recreation for the complete take on Shadow Moses.

LEGO Worlds, which released back in March 2017, is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Below, you can read more about the game, courtesy of an official overview from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment itself:


"LEGO Worlds is an open environment of procedurally-generated Worlds made entirely of Lego bricks which you can freely manipulate and dynamically populate with Lego models. Create anything you can imagine one brick at a time, or use large-scale landscaping tools to create vast mountain ranges and dot your world with tropical islands. Drop in prefabricated structures to build and customize any world to your liking. Explore using helicopters, dragons, motorbikes or even gorillas and unlock treasures that enhance your gameplay. Watch your creations come to life through characters and creatures that interact with you and each other in unexpected ways. In LEGO Worlds, anything is possible!"

Thanks, Kotaku.