Metroid Fusion Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch Online

Last month, Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack added Game Boy Advance titles, making a number of classic games available to subscribers. Today, Nintendo revealed that Metroid Fusion will join that line-up starting on March 9th. The 2D adventure is the fourth game in the main series timeline, taking place prior to the events of Metroid Dread. The addition of Fusion will now allow players to enjoy all five entries in the main saga on one platform! The original Metroid is in the NES app, Metroid II is in the Game Boy app, Super Metroid is in the SNES app, and Metroid Dread is available in stores and via the eShop.

In Metroid Fusion, Samus Aran has been infected by the parasitic lifeform known as "X." To save her life, Samus is given a vaccine using the cells of a Metroid. A trailer for the game can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Metroid Fusion originally release on the Game Boy Advance in 2002. The game actually launched on the same day as Metroid Prime, and both titles could unlock features in the other game. Metroid Prime players that beat the game could get a Fusion suit for Samus by linking to Metroid Fusion. Meanwhile, Fusion players unlocked an image gallery for linking the two games. The Fusion Suit did not offer any actual changes from the main suit, but it was a nice extra for Metroid fans. Unfortunately, Nintendo has not revealed whether the feature will carry over for Metroid Prime Remastered.

Metroid Fusion was one of two games in the series released on the Game Boy Advance. Metroid: Zero Mission released on the platform in 2004, offering a remake of the original Metroid game. The game is currently available on the Wii U eShop, which is set to go offline this month. With Fusion coming to Nintendo Switch next week, it seems like only a matter of time before fans can expect Zero Mission. For now, Metroid fans will just have to settle for the NES version!

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