Nintendo Fans Divided About New Metroid Prime 4 Update

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite fans are divided about Metroid Prime 4's latest update. [...]

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite fans are divided about Metroid Prime 4's latest update. On on side, fans looking forward to the game are happy to get an update on the title, however, other fans are worried about what this update means for the game. The update doesn't come way of Nintendo itself, but from Retro Studios and its newest hire, industry veteran Dylan Jobe, who has been brought as director of development. Jobe's resume includes games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, DOOM, and Twisted Metal: Black. However, Jobe's most notable game was likely 2007's Warhawk given that he was head of the game's development as the director.

As for his role at Retro Studios, Jobe isn't at the top of the creative ladder, but he's in charge of the game's schedule, scope, and will serve as a connector for the various teams within the studio. In other words, his role in the game's development is among the biggest and most important.

As you would expect, some fans were happy to hear Retro Studios was bringing on a developer with more than 25 years of experience. Meanwhile, others were simply happy to hear the game is still in development.

That said, not everyone is excited about this latest update. For one, some were immediately concerned about microtransactions and monetization given Jobe's history with Call of Duty. Of course, this is an absurd concern for multiple reasons. The other concern raised is more valid though.

Metroid Prime 4 was announced in 2017 -- why is it only bringing in someone for this role now? We knew the game was in development trouble, but this latest hire suggests it's still in the very early stages, unless this is simply a replacement hire, but if it was, that's not exactly the greatest sign either. It's also possible this role has just been created out of necessity, but this explanation isn't exactly any less worrying than the others.

It's very easy to look at this hire and think the game is nowhere near release, however, if this is the case -- emphasis on if -- then this could be a turning point for the game, which we haven't heard about since it was prematurely revealed to the world in 2017.

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