3 Big Rumored Nintendo Switch Games Deconfirmed

Not one, not two, but three Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite games -- or more specifically [...]

Not one, not two, but three Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite games -- or more specifically ports -- have been deconfirmed, some officially, some unofficially. These days, every game that can run on Switch and Switch Lite is seemingly coming to the pair of Nintendo consoles. However, while it seems like everyone and their sister's mother's pet red panda are putting their games on Switch, the reality is some are still skipping the console for a variety of reasons.

One of these games is the leaked Prince of Persia remake. This week it's expected Ubisoft will reveal a new Prince of Persia remake, and while it was previously believed to be coming to the Switch and Switch Lite, this is apparently not the case. Over on Twitter, industry analyst Daniel Ahmad -- a very reliable source -- confirmed the Ubisoft game will not coming to the Nintendo console.

The second of these games is Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as other previous titles in the series. The news comes way of series creative director Tetsuya Nomura, who confirmed while speaking to Nintendo Enthusiast that none of the already released games in the franchise are coming to Switch.

The last of these three games is one of the generation's most popular games: Monster Hunter World. This news comes way of industry insider and leaker Dusk Golem, who claims Capcom has no plans to bring the game to Switch. That said, while it looks like the latest Monster Hunter isn't coming to Switch, there are rumblings that a new entry in the series is coming to the console soon.

Of course, as always, take everything here with a grain of salt that isn't official. In other words, while the Kingdom Hearts news is official, the other two games come from unofficial sources, and even if they have historically been reliable, that doesn't mean what they say shouldn't be taken with at least some hesitation and reservations.

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