Microsoft Could Introduce ‘Xbox All Access’ Program, Including a Console

The publishers at Microsoft are all about bringing successful game programs to the Xbox front, [...]


The publishers at Microsoft are all about bringing successful game programs to the Xbox front, whether it's the expanding services of Xbox Live (with free games and other features), or with its Xbox Game Pass, which provides access to a number of titles for a low price of $9.99, including new releases like Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2.

So what's next? How about a program that combines both of those things, as well as a console for those looking to hop on board the Xbox train?

Based on this report from Windows Central, that appears to be happening. The company behind the Xbox brand is reportedly planning a program called "Xbox All Access," a two-year deal that not only nets players monthly access to Xbox Live Gold and the Game Pass, but also payments towards an Xbox one console, both the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X.

The program, which is currently only in the works for the U.S., would offer $22 per month payments for the services and an Xbox One S console, while $35 would bump them up to a new Xbox One X console. Again, it would be for two years' time, and once that contract is up, the system will be theirs to keep, though they'd need to figure out another subscription for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass.

Considering that the Xbox One S goes for around $230 or so, and the Xbox One X is more around $499, this could make it easier for some gamers to get their hands on the tech. With the program, you'd be paying $528 in full (over two years) for the Xbox One S, and $840 for the Xbox One X. That is slightly less than what you'd pay with all the services combined and console cost, so it may be worth it to some. That's not including tax, though.

As for when the program will be introduced, Microsoft hasn't said. It sounds like an announcement at Gamescom wouldn't be ideal since it was in Germany, where the "All Access" program isn't likely to be available. So maybe we'll see something after, and possibly offered first through the Microsoft Store before being offered to other retailers.

We'll let you know when the program is introduced, but fingers crossed it ends up happening, as it could easily put more systems in the hands of gamers. Especially that sweet, sweet Xbox One X tech.

(Hat tip to Windows Central for the scoop!)