Microsoft Looking To Make Social Sharing Easier On Xbox One

Both Sony and Nintendo have been happily able to provide its consumers with the ability to share [...]


Both Sony and Nintendo have been happily able to provide its consumers with the ability to share pictures from their favorite games, as well as, most recently, some select gaming clips, so others could see what their new purchases were all about.

But that's not the case with Microsoft, as it still takes quite a bit to get any sort of pictures or videos shared on the web. Sure, its Mixer streaming service is pretty convenient, but everything else seems like a chore instead of a trouble-free service.

But the company is looking into it. According to a recent conversation on Twitter, Microsoft's Mike Ybarra has noted that the company is looking into potential solutions to make social sharing more of a snap.

A fan recently asked, "We'd absolutely love a quick share feature to Twitter or Facebook of screenshots within the Xbox One. Is this often requested?" To which Ybarra simply replied, "Yes."

Then Jason Beaumont, who serves as the Experience Lead for Xbox and PC Gaming, chimed in when Ybarra looped him into the conversation, noting, "One of the first things I asked the team to look at. Details will come once we've planned it out and talked to our partners. Thanks for the feedback everyone!"

Beaumont didn't say specifically which route Microsoft would take when it came to making this easier, but Beaumont did confirm that a proper solution of some kind was in the works. When we'll see it is anyone's guess, but Microsoft could possibly be saving the reveal for the next E3 press conference, which takes place in June 2018. Whether users can hold out for that long has yet to be seen.

Here's hoping that the publisher can figure out something sooner, because the social sharing feature would be a great way to spread word-of-mouth about what the hardware could do. Even Nintendo became aware of that, opening up the feature for its games, particularly Super Mario Odyssey.

We'll see what happens over the next few months!