Minecraft Player Is Adding Baby Yoda to the Game

Baby Yoda is moving from The Mandalorian to Minecraft thanks to one player's hard work now that they've built a custom version of the beloved character in Mojang's blocky builder. Mineraft YouTuber Miles Playz revealed this week a video of his Baby Yoda creation where he coded and modeled the character into the game and even gave Baby Yoda some Force powers. This datapack is coming soon for other players to enjoy, the YouTuber said, but it's not available just yet.

The video below from Miles Playz shows Baby Yoda chilling in Minecraft, walking around and doing Baby Yoda things like hanging out with locals and using the Force. The YouTuber said in the description for the video that Baby Yoda is not a mod nor is it a texture pack but is instead a datapack.

A release date for the Baby Yoda to be added to Minecraft hasn't been provided, but the YouTuber said you can expect to have the chance to download the character soon.

The YouTuber discussed the Baby Yoda creation within the Minecraft subreddit to talk about how it was made and what the final version of it might look like. One of the character's static animations might have Baby Yoda sipping on some soup like the character does in the Internet's new favorite meme, though the YouTuber said it's likely that would delay the release. It'll likely end up being an ally and not a playable character, so you'll have Baby Yoda tagging along with you in your adventures. For those worried about Baby Yoda getting sniped by a skeleton's arrow while you're exploring at night, the YouTuber said that the character can't be killed which is hopefully not a joke seeing how much people love Baby Yoda.

Miles Playz continued to say that Baby Yoda can lift most hostile mobs with its Force powers. The character will only be available on the Java version of Minecraft as a download though, so if you're not playing there, you'll have to wait for someone else to port Baby Yoda elsewhere or wait for the off chance of an official set of skins.


It was only a few days ago now that we saw Baby Yoda was being added to Star Wars Battlefront 2 as a mod, so it makes sense that more Baby Yoda creations would follow that. The modding community typically works quickly, so we'll almost certainly see the character in another game soon enough.

Thanks, IGN.