Minecraft Dungeons Release Dates for DLC and Free Content Revealed

Minecraft Dungeons fans will get the opportunity to check out the game's latest DLC expansion, [...]

Minecraft Dungeons fans will get the opportunity to check out the game's latest DLC expansion, Flames of the Nether, on February 24th. Flames of the Nether is a paid expansion composed of six new missions, which contain new artifacts, gear, and weapons. Those who purchase the expansion will also be able to obtain two new skins, as well as a Baby Ghast pet. The expansion will release alongside what's being billed as "the most ambitious free update in Minecraft Dungeons history." No matter what players are planning to spend, it seems that the game will be getting quite a bit of new content!

The announcement for the DLC can be found embedded below.

As of this writing, a price has not been announced for Flames of the Nether. Previous DLC expansions have retailed for $5.99, while the Season Pass can be obtained for $19.99. Flames of the Nether represents the second of four expansions that will be offered as part of the Season Pass, alongside Howling Peaks.

The game's free update will include a new feature called Ancient Hunts. These procedurally-generated end-game missions will task players with defeating Ancient mobs in order to get top-tier Gilded gear. Like the next DLC expansion, the Ancient Hunts content will also feature the Nether, with Hunts weaving in and out of the dimension. Players will be able to get Gold through these Hunts, which they will then be able to exchange with a Piglin that will appear in the player's camp. Mojang Studios has not revealed what players will be able to get with Gold, however. Finally, Apocalypse Plus will be seeing some changes as a result of the free update; according to the developer, more will be revealed about Apocalypse Plus in the next few days.

Minecraft Dungeons is set currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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