2 New Minecraft Mobs Revealed During Minecraft Live

Minecraft players already knew they'd be voting for a new mob going into this year's Minecraft Live event, but in addition to that winner, Mojang revealed a second mob independent from the vote that would be added to the game. That new mob is the camel, a creature that's been among the many suggestions from Minecraft players for some time now. And as for the winner of the 2022 community vote, players have chosen the sniffer to be added to the game.

The camels sound like they'll be pretty straightforward mobs compared to some of the other buddies players can find in Minecraft. They're large mobs found in desert areas, and up to two players can hop on one to take it for a ride after they've been located.

As for the mob vote – the community event that sees players divided up into three different camps each year as they vote for one of the options – the sniffer was the winner. It was the first of the mob vote contestants to be revealed this year, and even before the other three contenders were announced, it seemed pretty clear that people ere in favor of this one. It became even more clear afterwards when Mojang said that the sniffer had wrangled in over half of the total votes.

"The extinct mob adorably known as the sniffer will join Minecraft after receiving just over half the vote!" Mojang said. "Explore underwater ruins to find its eggs hidden away in chests, bring them up to the surface, and hatch your very own baby sniffer. When the sniffer grows up, it will help you find ancient seeds that you can grow into different decorative plants. Since the sniffer was once extinct, you are able help it thrive in the Overworld both by hatching its eggs and through breeding."

Mojang said players will be able to start testing some of the new additions announced during Minecraft Live "in only a matter of weeks," so expect to see these critters and more coming to the live servers soon enough before they're released live for everyone to see.