Mini Atari Centipede Arcade Game Slithers Its Way To Kickstarter


There's nothing like playing an old-school video game on an authentic arcade cabinet. But what if you can't afford a mint condition arcade game for your home? Or, worse yet, what if you don't have room for one? Well, there appears to be an interesting solution for that – mini-arcade games.

You might've seen those little games popping up at Cracker Barrel recently, but they've been a bit too small – and not entirely authentic. However, the team at New Wave Toys is looking to change that, with the introduction of a miniature Centipede arcade cabinet from Atari that resembles the real thing. Yes, right down to the trackball.

The company is introducing a line of these little machines called RepliCades, which stand at 12 inches tall and resemble arcade games from the 70's and 80's. Centipede is the first in the line of these games, though other titles haven't been introduced just yet.

Centipede is being made in partnership with Atari, and features a fully playable version of the game, including real wood and metal build (just like the arcade machines) and featuring a 3.5 inch LCD screen. It will also include LED backlighting for the marquees, as well as rechargeable lithium ion batteries, assuring "smooth, lag-free gameplay" – just like the original game we grew up with.

The RepliCades program recently began on Kickstarter, with the team hoping to make $50,000 to get the product line off the ground. Thus far, it's sitting just over $3,900, but still has 31 days to go in the program.

As you can see from the picture below, the RepliCade has a number of authentic features to make it the coolest thing to sit at your desk. (Take that, Fidget Spinner!) And it also has coin door functionality, making it feel like you actually own a machine. Just without all that high maintenance.


The team hopes to sell the units for $150 each, and while that sounds a bit pricey, it's ideal for those quick gaming sessions in-between writing reports. So if you see our productivity slow down…that's why, pretty much.


If successfully funded, the items will ship in April 2018.