MLB The Show 24: How To Complete Team Affinity 2 Extreme Showdown

Complete the Extreme Showdown in MLB The Show 24 and get a massive Team Affinity boost.

Recently, Sony San Diego dropped Team Affinity Season 1, Chapter 2 into MLB The Show 24's Diamond Dynasty mode. The content drop gives players access to 30 new 93 OVR players and the chance to pick up a few of the more popular players from previous promos. However, the grind to finish them all can be incredibly time-consuming. One way to get a headstart on Team Affinity Chapter 2 is by completing the new Extreme Showdown in MLB The Show 24. This is a challenging mode, but there are a few steps you can take to make it a bit easier and get 20,000 XP for all six TA 2 programs.

Drafting for the Extreme Showdown in MLB The Show 24

(Photo: San Diego Studio)

The most important part about the Extreme Showdown in MLB The Show 24 might be the draft. Remember, these challenges are going to be on All-Star difficulty or higher and you cannot fail a challenge or you'll have to reset the Showdown. However, there's an important caveat to Showdowns. Your team will never be in the field so there's no reason to draft based on positional need. If you toss Texas Ranges Catcher Mitch Garver into the outfield, there won't be any negative effects.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is draft the best hitters available. Because these challenges are on a higher difficulty, you'll want to target players with high contact to give yourself an easy time at the dish. Power hitters are nice, but if your PCI is so tiny you can't get your bat on the ball, it won't help much. Look for players like Josh Bell, Ed Mathews, Steven Kwan, or the aforementioned Garver. 

You'll also want to get Perks like Hero Time and Rally Time. Bunting-related Perks can also be very helpful if you're not the best hitter because you can use Perks like Bunt Cheese to advance a runner and pick up much-needed runs to complete each challenge. The long ball might be more fun, but the goal is to put some runs away and move on.

Tips for Winning the Extreme Showdown in MLB The Show 24

There are a few ways to make this Showdown slightly easier, though, at the end of the day, the best advice is to lock in and focus on each at bat. You need to master the basepaths. Ideally, you would just hit bombs all day and be finished quickly, but if you're struggling, it's time to get more creative. Make use of bunts to move players around the bases and set yourself up for easy runs.

It's also worth noting that some of the pitchers you come up against will be relievers. Regardless, you have to work the pitch count during each at-bat. Consider taking your first two strikes to get that pitch count up and tire out the pitcher. This will make them a bit easier to hit and you might draw a few walks if you're patient. Either way, the key is to play smart and force the computer to pitch to you.

That advice goes double when you get to Rob Dibble. Again, he's a closer, so take advantage of his low stamina and you should be able to finish the challenge. Finally, it's worth noting that some players have had success switching from Zone hitting to Timing. We prefer to play on the latter because it makes you a better overall player, but if you're really struggling, it might be worth trying.

MLB The Show 24 is available now on PlayStation and Xbox platforms.