Monopoly Gets Political in an Election Year With the House Divided Board Game


If you thought the original Monopoly was a leading cause of family fights, brace yourself for Monopoly: House Divided. Indeed, with the 2020 presidential election on the horizon, Monopoly is kicking the tension up a notch with a new game that will will assign players to parties (red or blue) and pit them against one another to buy states, establish campaign headquarters, earn votes, and claim the White House as the new President.

Monopoly: House Divided is available to order via Amazon and Walmart now for $19.99. In reality, there doesn't appear to be anything blatantly controversial about House Divided other than the fact that it is clearly inspired by America's current political climate. That having been said, if you really want to spice up game night, give your players the choice between House Divided and Monopoly Socialism.

The official description for Monopoly: House Divided reads:

"The Monopoly House Divided board game celebrates the ups and downs of an election campaign. Imagine being in the midst of it all with this exciting game for families and kids ages 8 and up. Players buy states, earn votes, and collect rent. Establish Campaign Headquarters to earn more votes. Executive Power cards and I Voted cards let players do a variety of things such as steal states or send opponents to Jail. Those lucky enough to get the White House token can double the rent they charge, and add more votes at the end of the game. When all the states are claimed, the candidate with the most votes wins!"


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