Monster Hunter Rise Is Giving Players a Free Item Pack

If you've been playing Monster Hunter Rise since the game launched recently, you're most definitely not alone. Capcom confirmed this week that from the game's launch date of March 26th to April 6th, over 5 million Monster Hunter Rise units were shipped around the world. To commemorate that milestone which was hit so quickly, Capcom is giving out a free item pack for all players that'll help them either get started or keep their hunts going if you're already deep into the game.

The free item pack was announced on Tuesday and is available now for all players to pick up at their convenience. All you have to do to claim it is pay a visit to Senri the Mailman who'll give you your Kamura Pack 1. It comes with quite a bit of resources, more than you'd typically expect from a pack of free items, and it's yours to claim at no extra cost. The pack comes with 30 Mega Potions, 20 Well-Done Steaks, 10 Large Barrel Bombs, five Mega Demondrugs, and five Mega Armorskins.

Free items are always welcome, but it's worth taking note of the name of this item pack. It's called the "Kamura Pack 1," and if that "1" at the end of the pack's name is anything to go off of, it likely means that we'll see more of these in the future with different contents included. Free items are often given out in games like these following new milestones or maintenance periods, so players can probably expect some more free stuff coming their way in the future.

Aside from free item packs, Capcom has already detailed some of its plans for the future of Monster Hunter Rise including the release of more monsters in the game that'll be added in future updates. The game's already gotten updates since its release to resolve some of the problems players may have been experiencing since its launch.


For those who are just now starting out with the game, some of our guides can help you out with things like which weapons to try and acquire and how to understand monsters' weaknesses. You can also see our full review of the game here to get an idea of what you can expect from the time you invest into Monster Hunter Rise.