Monster Hunter Rise's Hunting Horn Is Game's Best Weapon

One of the Monster Hunter franchise's most niche weapons has soared in popularity in Monster Hunter Rise. As millions of players give the newest Monster Hunter game a try, one weapon that keeps appearing in multiplayer groups is the Hunting Horn. The Hunting Horn is a bludgeoning weapon that provides players with a series of continuous buffs as they play various "melodies" during their attacks. In past games, the Hunting Horn required a bit more skill to use, but Monster Hunter Rise simplified the process to the point that the weapon is considered one of the best in the game.

The melodies themselves are quite simple to activate - players simply need to use the same attack button (either X, A, or both buttons at once) twice. Pressing X twice activates a defensive buff, pressing A twice activates an attack buff, and using X+A twice activates a small healing buff. It's not hard to activate these buffs in the course of your usual button mashing. While it pays to think about your combos, you'll likely be continuously playing melodies whether you mean to or not. You can also activate the Perform action by tapping on the ZR button, which provides a brief evasion ability and increases your speed. The Self-Improvement buff activates whenever you play a melody, but that evasion ability makes Performing an extra tool in your arsenal.

If you manage to play all three melodies during a relatively brief time period, you'll have the ability to activate the Magnificent Trio buff, which activates all three buffs simultaneously. Playing the Magnificent Trio also gradually fills a gauge that eventually activates the Infernal Melody, which provides an attack buff to yourself and everyone else in the party. Because the Hunting Horn provides a full party buff, it's basically a must-have when playing with friends online.

As you make more powerful Hunting Horns, you'll discover that the melodies actually vary by weapon. Some melodies will negate certain conditions, others will increase stamina recovery or boost elemental damage, and some either create sonic barriers or waves.

The Hunting Horn is definitely a fun weapon to use in Monster Hunter Rise and it's much easier to use than in past games. If you're looking for a weapon to master early in the game, give the Hunting Horn a try - your online companions will greatly appreciate the buffs.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on the Nintendo Switch.