Monster Hunter World Beta Opens to All PS4 Players Soon

(Photo: Capcom)

It's been a pretty exciting week for Monster Hunter fans, with over seven new trailers giving players more than enough hype to ride the tides on until its official release next year. Now, it looks like certain players don't have to wait quite as long: according to an official announcement on the Monster Hunter social accounts, PS4 players will have access to the Monster Hunter World beta for a limited time starting next week.

Players can pre-load the beta on December 18th, but it kicks off on the 22nd at 9 am Pacific Standard Time, and wraps up at the same hour on the 26th. So, players only have a few days to try the game out and explore before it's back under wraps for development.

Furthermore, it looks like PS Plus will not be a requirement to play the beta, which opens up the base a lot more for potential players. Anyone who has already downloaded the first Beta client, according to the folks behind the game, should be ready to go the day that the new Beta is released.

It's not clear what will be available to players when they step into the world, but in recent trailers, customization for Palico companions has taken a spotlight, along with different sets of weaponry and monster types. Recreational features include fishing and good old fashioned exploration, as shown through moments over the course of seven recent trailers for the game. It's a gorgeous open world, but they Beta is only open for so long, so excited players might want to keep an eye on just how much time they spend wandering.

Monster Hunter World will release on January 26, 2018 for Playstation 4 and Xbox, which a PC release scheduled for an unknown later date.