Mortal Kombat 11 January 26 Update Live, Patch Notes Revealed

As time goes on, games like Mortal Kombat 11 continue to improve. Not only have there been some [...]

As time goes on, games like Mortal Kombat 11 continue to improve. Not only have there been some great DLC additions to the game in recent months, but the team at WB Games continues to add updates to keep the game running in good shape. On Tuesday, WB revealed its next update for Mortal Kombat 11, which has already gone live on the game. The new update is specific to the Xbox and PlayStation versions of MK11.

There were a few general gameplay adjustments in this new update, fixing some problems with brutalities and augments. However, most of the fixes came with individual characters. Kung Lao, Rambo, Robocop, Sheeva, and a few others got some slight updates.

You can check out the full patch notes below.

General Gameplay Adjustments

  • Move list corrections
  • Fixed minor issues with several augments
  • Fixed minor visual & audio issues with several Brutalities

Character Specific Adjustments

  • D'Vorah - Number of Wasps currently affecting an opponent will no longer sometimes be reset if Strepsiptera connects while opponent is in the hit reaction to Swarm
  • Kano - The first hit of Snake Bite now has 1 more active frame and the second hit has 1 less startup frame
  • Kano - The hit reaction to Figjam Amplified (Back Punch, Back Punch, Front Kick, Amplify) will no longer sometimes use the incorrect blood color against some opponents
  • Kotal Kahn - Now has 1050 health (down from 1100)
  • Kotal Kahn - Fixed issue with Eztli Totem providing higher then intended healing when stacked with other Totem types
  • Kotal Kahn - Chicahtoc & Eztli Totems no longer have Kustom Variation restrictions in Kompetitive modes
  • Kotal Kahn - The first hit of Yeyecame Disk Amplify now has slightly farther reach and the projectile now has 10 less frames of hit advantage
  • Kung Lao - Sweeping Razor (Away + Back kick) while having no Hat now properly triggers Krushing Blow reset conditions
  • Shao Kahn - Now has 1100 health (up from 1050)
  • RoboCop - Now has 1050 health (up from 1000)
  • RoboCop - Adjusted the hit region of Getup/Flawless Block Attack (Up + Back Punch)
  • Sheeva - Dragon Drop is now off-screen for 2 more frames before her drop attack begins
  • Sheeva - Dragon Stance now has 2 more startup frames
  • Mileena - Poisonous Butterfly (Towards + Back Kick) now has airborne frames when Mileena is off the ground
  • Mileena - The hit reactions to Kahnum Dash Amplify, Kahnum Dash Further Amplify, & Ridin' Dirty (Front Punch, Front Punch, Front Punch + Front Kick) now have airborne frames when
  • Mileena is off the ground
  • Mileena - Fixed a rare issue where Play Time (Towards + Front Punch, Back Punch, Back Kick) could leave a lingering visual effect on certain costumes
  • Rambo - Slightly adjusted the hit regions & repel regions of Basic Training (Away + Front Punch)
  • Rambo - Lieutenant Drop (Towards + Back Kick) now has airborne frames when Rambo is off the ground
  • Rambo - Hidden M60 & Hidden M60 Amplify will no longer sometimes use an incorrect animation when Rambo is hit by Kronika's Reverse Time

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