Mortal Kombat: Cole Young Actor Lewis Tan Talks Working With So Many Great Martial Artists

Perhaps the coolest part about the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie reboot is how it involves so many highly-trained martial arts professionals. From the outset of the project, those working on the film made clear that they wanted to cast a number of actors who also had a background in fighting. Now, one of the stars of the movie has shared what it was like to work with so many people of this caliber.

During a set visit that attended during the filming of Mortal Kombat, Lewis Tan, who plays the all-new character Cole Young, opened up about what it was like to be part of a cast that had extensive training in various forms of fighting styles. In Tan's experience, he says he believes that it made the movie that much more believeable. "It's great to work with artists that can fight and do their own fights and it's like I said, it's that authenticity that the fans I think now deserve and want," Tan said. "And I think there's been so much backlash about people that haven't delivered on that front and films and shows that haven't delivered on that front, that it's time that we really give them the real deal. So yeah, very grateful to work with them."

Tan went on to specifically say that even if the movie had chosen actors that weren't trained in martial arts, the film still could've worked out. However, it would have been much harder to shoot, which is what made it great that those on set did know what they were doing. "There's ways that you can shoot those sequences that you couldn't shoot if it was with someone else," Tan explained. "So, for instance, like if Joe and I, let's just say hypothetically had a fight, you could shoot that fight in a nice wide shot and shoot it for the whole fight and not have to use certain angles to hide faces or just silhouettes to cover things up. I mean, you can just, it's like two dancers. You just show them and just let them dance."


It remains to be seen if this decision to cast so many martial artists in the film will pay off, but we won't have much longer left to find out. Mortal Kombat is set to finally release later this week on April 23 and will simultaneously be arriving in theaters and on HBO Max.