Mortal Kombat Movie Reveals First Look at Official Logo

The official logo of the Mortal Kombat reboot has been revealed for the first time. Today, Warner Bros. announced that the movie is no longer releasing on January 25, 2021, however, it will release sometime in 2021, and when it does, it will be available to view in both theaters and via HBO Max. Unfortunately, for now, MK fans will need to continue to patiently wait for the movie's first-ever trailer, however, to hold fans over, Warner Bros. has revealed the movie's logo.

As you can see below, the logo keeps things simple and pays homage to the classic Mortal Kombat logos we've seen over the years, however, it does boast a never-before-seen and modern design that feels very much in line with the recent logos of the games. Whether this is by design or a coincidence, is impossible to know, at least right now.

The logo boasts a black background, but gold lettering. And separating "Mortal" and "Kombat" is the iconic dragon logo. And that's it. Again, pretty simple and faithful.

mortal kombat new logo new cropped hed
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

As you may remember, we thought we got our first look at the movie's logo last year when it was featured on a clapperboard onset, however, it looks like this logo -- which boasted a more unconventional design and a striking red color -- has either been axed and replaced or was simply a temporary design for the purpose of filming.

Mortal Kombat is currently poised to release sometime in 2021 via theaters and HBO Max. Right now, a more specific release date has not been provided and it's unclear when we will hear from or see the movie again.


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