MultiVersus Player Discovers Amazing Iron Giant Ability

MultiVersus is one of the wildest fighting games out there and that's largely because there are so many huge characters duking it out, including Batman, Superman, and The Iron Giant. For those who aren't familiar, MultiVersus is a Warner Bros. fighting game that pits all kinds of iconic characters from the studio's catalog against each other on a Smash Bros-esque stage. The game has already garnered a lot of praise from fighting games for its unique spin on the genre and has opened itself up to a lot of possibilities for future characters, abilities, and so on. 

Now that MultiVersus is in beta, players are experimenting with all of the opportunities in the game. Streamer Infernasu was playing a round of 2v2 in MultiVersus when two players who were both playing as Iron Giant joined. Naturally, with a character as large as Iron Giant, chaos ensued. Not only were the other two players getting demolished by the Iron Giant duo, but things got elevated when one of the Iron Giants fused with the other one and basically created the ultimate version of the character, which only made things worse for the others. It turns out anyone can get into the Iron Giant and unleash this wild version of the character, but it is pretty eye-popping when it's two Iron Giants inside of each other. Once the two players realized what was happening, they freaked out as they tried to wrap their heads around what was happening.

As of right now, MultiVersus is in beta and players can get in on the action by purchasing the game's founders pack. Not only does this include access to the game right now, but it also allows players access to additional content and in-game currency to purchase characters. MultiVersus is likely going to continue to sustain a nice stranglehold on the fighting genre for the time being as there's not much competition and Smash Bros has stopped releasing new content.

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