Mutant Football League Kicks Into High Gear Later This Month

It's been a while since we've had a good arcade-style football game on the market. In fact, probably the last one we've seen was NFL Blitz for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, before EA turned its attention to more serious sports affairs. But, lo and behold, we'll soon be able to get on the field with some real monsters – later this month, actually.

The developers at Digital Dreams have announced that Mutant Football League, a more current revamping of the formula that worked so well in Mutant League Football back on the Sega Genesis, will launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting January 19th. Joining the previously released PC version, the game will take players on the field as they take part in a number of grotesque plays, all in the name of scoring points and destroying their opponents.

The game will be available digitally at first, although the developer hopes to have a physical version of the game available sometime this summer.

In addition to the main content that the game will come with – including a bevy of teams, fields and modes – the game's original creator and lead designer, Michael Mendheim, also promised that there will be downloadable content that will be offered free of charge. He didn't detail exactly what would be coming, but expect plenty of fresh blood to spill, along with other cool freebies.

Mutant Football League's biggest focus with come with a multi-season dynasty mode, which will be available later this spring. It'll feature a dominant mode in which you can overtake the competition across various seasons and clean up on championship trophies.


Check out the latest gameplay footage for Mutant Football League above, and we'll see you out on the field. Maybe bring a little bit of strength with you, in case you want to survive.