My Hero Academia: One's Justice Producer Talks Bringing the Game Worldwide

(Photo: Bandai Namco)

A new developer interview for My Hero Academia: One's Justice spotlights producer Aoba Miyazakiand the amount of work that it takes to bring the title to worldwide audiences. Miyazaki highlighted a few recent announcements, such as the release date window (some time in 2018) and the fact that the game will be available on two extra platforms overseas: Xbox One and PC. "It is a challenge to work on all four platforms at once," said Miyazaki, "but we’ve decided to do so in order to deliver this game to as many My Hero Academia fans as possible." Check out the video below:

Miyazaki mentioned some of the things that make My Hero Academia stand out among JUMP titles, citing the deeper exploration about what motivates heroes and villains to do what they do. "I also believe that the appeal of the title comes from the fact that viewers can empathize with not only Izuku, but many other characters as well," she noted.

The game's full roster still remains a mystery, but there's a defined 'Heroes' and 'Villains' binary that will likely fill out with recognizable names from the manga and anime series. "In terms of gameplay," said Miyazaki, "Izuku is designed as a short-range power type, just like in the original works. We hope users will be able to experience exhilarating battles using his super human abilities. As for Shigaraki, we would like users to keep their eye on further information."

Finally, Miyazaki mentioned the game's title and why the studio went with it, sayign that they wanted to "express the fact that each and every character that appears in My Hero Academia, have their own hopes, beliefs, and justice," through the game's mechanics.

My Hero Academia: One's Justice will release some time in 2018 for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan and worldwide. Outside of Japan, the game will also release on Xbox One and PC.