PlayStation Makes Unexpected Change to PS5 DualSense Controller

PlayStation has made an unexpected change to the PS5 DualSense controller. When the PlayStation 5 releases this November, it will do so with a brand new controller that bucks the DualShock naming convention. And it will also make a major change to the controller's buttons, or more specifically the function of the buttons. When the console releases next month in Japan, Sony has confirmed the the "O" button will no longer be the confirm button, rather the "X" button will be.

As you may know, this has been the case in North America, Europe, and other regions for a while, however, in Japan the confirm button has been the "O" button up until now. At the moment, it's unclear why Sony is making the change, but it's going to be one that will require a lot of deprogramming for Japanese gamers. Since the PS1, the "O" button has been the confirm button, and this is the case with some other controllers as well.

Again, it's unclear why Sony is making this change, but it's presumably to have a universal standard going forward. Meanwhile, for western gamers, this changes nothing. Most Japanese games that come to western markets these days are localized for western controls. In other words, the difference has never really been a barrier when it comes to localization.

If Sony does provide an official explanation on why it's made this change, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.


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