Netflix 'The Witcher' Adds 'Vikings' and 'Black Sails' Talent to Crew

While fans of The Witcher are thrilled with the forthcoming adaptation mainly because of the presence of Justice League actor Henry Cavill, there's a lot more talent where that came from.

The GWW recently reported that some new behind-the-scenes members have been added to the team to give it a further authentic tone, one that would be similar to what The Witcher books provided.

First up, visual effects supervisor Julian Parry is joining the team. He previously worked on Vikings, so The Witcher should be very familiar territory to him.

Next up, Nightflyers art director Chloe Klesta is also on board, and she should add a nice touch to bringing the characters to life.

Finally, costume designer Tim Aslam, who previously worked on Black Sails, should make a fine addition, providing Cavill and company with the right outfits for their roles.

At the moment, the series is in pre-production, with all the episodes having been written and filming set to take place this fall in Budapest, Hungary, with possible secondary locations in South Africa and Slovakia. Exact timing for the filming hasn't been revealed just yet, but it should start fairly soon.

The series hasn't been given a release date, but sometime in late 2019 seems about right, though it could take a little longer if the team wants to take its time in getting everything right, just as CD Projekt Red did with The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. Gotta make sure everything's cool with Geralt of Rivia, after all.

In the meantime, you can check out some of our continuous coverage on the series, including who we'd like to see fill the role of Ciri and what Cavill might look like as Geralt, without his beard. No matter which look they go with -- bearded or not -- he's sure to be ideal for the role.

The series should no doubt continue Netflix's successful run with on-demand programming, though it's unknown as to what extent it will continue past the first season. But we're all for seeing Geralt's continuing adventures, because, hey, who doesn't like his sequels?

Speaking of which, you can check out The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Complete Edition now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


(Hat tip to The GWW for the scoop!)